GISH: Pro-Equality, Pro-Ecology Education via Gamification

by remysaverem

Millions of dollars, millions of hours toward community empowerment (Source:

The unprecedented confluence of pandemic & global movements responding to racism, brutality, & state violence lead to a unique need for homeschooling that embraces anti-racist & anti-classist education, alongside pro-equality, pro-freedom, pro-health, & pro-ecology education. For some, these are new topics, & can feel like a challenge to introduce into conversations, lessons, & everyday actions. GISH, the "Greatest International Scavenger Hunt," now in our 10th year, seeks to remedy this.

Originally founded in the Supernatural fandom by Misha Collins, who was homeless as a kid before becoming an activist & actor, & initially focused on creativity, artistry, adventure, & making friends, the movement is now fully global & focuses on reducing unreasonable pain & suffering anywhere in the world. I joined 7 years ago because it seemed like a good idea at the time, to help with my depression. I've made some of the best friends of my life, while participating in a movement that has done hands-on, direct humanitarian work in Haiti, Nicaragua, Rwanda, etc., as well as across the US.

This year's 3 events have been dedicated to increasing anti-racist awareness & prompting tangible steps toward personal and social change. We've held teach-ins; had participants make signs, perform songs, share posters, essays, videos broadcasting the need to end police brutality and racism; used forms of art to memorialize black victims of police murders and to honor BIPOC & LGBTQIA leaders; generated donations toward the #cut50 campaign, aspiring to reduce incarceration in all 50 states; & have been taking first steps toward self-sufficiency with community gardening, following the #WeSowWeGrow model developed by black women on Chicago's South Side.

If you're a kid, tween, or teen looking for a fun way to empower yourself & your community, while making friends & learning about institutional racism and ecology, you may truly enjoy GISHing. Anyone of any age is welcome to participate. Check out & see if it feels like a good fit for you.

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