Most charges will not be prosecuted against Portland BLM activists, says brand new Multnomah County DA

4-page policy released today outlines presumptively declining to prosecute most lower-level charges, and taking tumultuous circumstances into account for most higher charges. The new DA is an ally who acknowledges that most charges were unnecessary, exaggerated, and context-derived.

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GISH: Pro-Equality, Pro-Ecology Education via Gamification

GISH brings tens of thousands of people of all ages, genders, and heritages, from over 100 countries, together in a spirit of community-building and an atmosphere of fun. Together, this year, we've fundraised for: NAACP Legal Defense Fund ($189,000+); Dream Corps' criminal justice reforms ($115,000+); bed nets for kids in malarial areas ($50,000+);& kids' meals (500,000+) -- all while encouraging self-education & public & electronic direct actions, against racism & sexism, for LGBTQIA rights, & for environmentalism.

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Wall of Moms vs. All Lives Matter at "Solidarity with Portland" demo in Eugene

A Boop Troop Eugene first-time live streamer recounts her direct observations of the peacekeeping Wall of Moms, the All Lives Matter crew with their insidiously armed shields and guns, the march, the jail, the incident, the tear gas and pepper bullets, and the incredibly violent take-down and arrest of an unarmed, 14-year-old girl ...

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The Colonization and Weaponization of Streets: An Eyewitness’s Psychogeographic View

Following the Indigenous Solidarity with Black event, I tried to get over to Monroe Park as quickly as I could to meet up with the Pride event. Getting there, I realized they had already left; and not knowing where they were headed, I turned around to find other things to do with my remaining day. As I was walking, I spotted some people marching...

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The driver of this Subaru, at 15 to 20 miles an hour, deliberately drove into Black_Unity organizer, Isiah Wagoner, so hard that his body spun and almost entirely went under the vehicle. He was taken by ambulance to a hospital. Isiah intends to press charges, but for over an hour, police refused to even detain the perpetrator, who was identified and located by activists — not by cops.

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Canvas for Catharsis: BLM Art in PDX

A canvas for catharsis has emerged at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland, Oregon. Public art for healing, unity, and action has transformed the boards on the Apple iStore and across from the Louis Vuitton store on SW Yamhill, between SW 4th and 5th Ave in downtown Portland into statements of grief and resolutions to pursue justice.

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Black Immigrants & Asylum Seekers, + Personal Reflections on World Refugee Day

The black population in the US is often thought of in reductionist terms by white supremacists as one monolithic population, but is actually very beautifully diverse and evolving. As of the most recent tabulation of data by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center in 2016, 4,173,000 of the black individuals in the United States were first-generation immigrants:

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TOMORROW: Eugene Budget Vote: Urge them to defund / reallocate (Guest Blog)

Personally, while I think it is certainly more encouraging that the City Manager authorized the permit and chose to make her public profile picture indicative of support of BLM than if her profile picture had a Confederate flag or a MAGA hat, if this same City Manager authorized the manipulative and belatedly announced “curfews” and the repeated and militarized response of EPD to peaceful protestors...

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Modern Slavery, Modern Abolition (includes link to “13th”)

When we talk about institutionalized racism in policing, first and foremost that is omnipresent in the murders and brutality. It is also prevalent in charging and sentencing. Examining the pervasiveness of institutionalized racism in prison settings is part of examining institutionalized racism in policing.

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