#JusticeforIsiah lyrics + link for legal observers

by remysaverem

The following lyrics are an expression of the raw emotion of a day on which witnesses saw children overtly threatened. A black father, whose young daughter was present, risked his life for their protection, and was struck with a vehicle in a hate crime by an identified white perpetrator, only to be denied justice, as police reportedly initially declined to detain, then took into protective custody, and released with an escort, the perpetrator of a witnessed #hatecrime.

To learn how to become or find a legal observer to try deter or document such targeting in the future, contact and/or download resources from the CLDC.

The Contrast

The Contrast

is startling:

treatment of black vs. white,

by cops in Eugene/Springfield.

It’s like day and night.

Greeting peaceful folks with rubber & pepper bullets

from rifles with military sights,

curfews, tear gas, to intimidate,

to induce fight-or-flight.

And then,

there is the white guy,

terrorizing kids with his Subaru,

hitting the black man who protected them —

it could have been me, or you.

Finally, an act of violence —

but did the police come at him with force?

Nope. It was us who found him.

Cops were gentle, slow to act —

the perp was white, of course.

It’s almost comic-book villainy,

but none of us are joking.

It could be any activist among us

who next ends up struck, or choking.

Dismantle, defund, demilitarize.

Be ever-vigilant,

ready to scrutinize

the way cops and racist vigilantes

seem to fraternize.

And tragedy struck today,

in front of children’s eyes.

Know whom you trust.

Do what you must,

to protect your community.

Justice for Isiah.

Justice for Black_Unity.

#BlackLivesMatter #PeacefulProtesters #ViolentVigilantes #HateCrimes

#JusticeforIsiah #JusticeforBlackUnity #CommunitySafety

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