#JusticeforIsiah Medical Venmo, Update

by remysaverem

#JusticeforIsiah echoed throughout downtown Eugene tonight as hundreds of peaceful demonstrators circled the jail where the white male who perpetrated a vicious vehicular assault hate crime at a peaceful Black_Unity event was due to have been incarcerated. Yet the driver, whom multiple witnesses have repeatedly testified in live media aggressively tried to mow into peaceful participants in a KIDS’ MARCH, mostly kids under the age of 8, and who sped up to 15-20 miles per hour to hit their protector, Black_Unity activist Isiah Wagoner, was reportedly only detained briefly, then released and provided with a Springfield Police escort to Springfield (Oregon, USA).

The valiant protector blessedly survived, but was substantively injured, as documented at a hospital to which he was transported by ambulance.

With the affirmed consent of the survivor, we may share that you may donate funds toward his medical expenses by sending to @Isiah-Wagoner on Venmo.

To demand the DA honor the survivor’s desire to press charges, write the District Attorney.

#BlackLivesMatter #PeacefulProtesters #ViolentVigilantes #HateCrimes

#JusticeforIsiah #JusticeforBlackUnity #CommunitySafety

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Most charges will not be prosecuted against Portland BLM activists, says brand new Multnomah County DA

4-page policy released today outlines presumptively declining to prosecute most lower-level charges, and taking tumultuous circumstances into account for most higher charges. The new DA is an ally who acknowledges that most charges were unnecessary, exaggerated, and context-derived.

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