1 of Breonna’s 3 killers will be fired

by remysaverem

stand with bre

Image from Stand with Bre website: https://www.standwithbre.com/

Perhaps the reason that Louisville, KY was documented to have boarded up its police station windows earlier this morning was knowing that announcing intent to fire 1 of 3 murderers, while an absolutely necessary first step, does not bring complete justice for Breonna Taylor, an innocent black woman, a life-saver, an EMT who was shot dead in her own home by 3 police officers who fired over 20 rounds while she was sleeping, as they broke in on a “no-knock” pursuit of a completely different person who lived in a completely different apartment.

Mayor Greg Fischer revealed today that he is starting the process of firing Officer Brett Hankinson.

Meanwhile, the other two murderers, Jonathan Mattingly and Miles Cosgrove, are still employed on administrative assignments.

In the interim, Louisville City Council voted unanimously 8 days ago for Breonna’s Law, to ban no-knock warrants.

May there be no further Breonna Taylors. May justice be served for Breonna and for all murdered by police, which in this country vastly disproportionately are black people of all genders.

Be safe. We love you.

–#5 for Boop. This article is from Juneteenth. It has not been edited or updated other than to anonymize its author for safety.

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