Modern Slavery, Modern Abolition (includes link to “13th”)

by remysaverem

modern abolition

There are multiple forms of enslavement still existing in the world today, estimated to affect between 21 million and 45 million people globally.

Forms of modern slavery include:

— “domestic servitude”;

— sex trafficking (note that this is different than consensually entered sex work by adults);

–forced labor (including compulsory labor by incarcerated people);

— bonded labor (debt-repayment labor; see also reference to prisons);

— child labor; and

— forced marriage, especially forced marriage of very young minor children.

There are modern movements for the abolition of modern slavery.

At the forefront is a nonprofit called End Slavery Now.

Here is how they outline the 6 Phases of Abolition:

— Awareness

— Rescue

— Aftercare

— Policy

— Prosecution

— Empowerment

Many multinational corporations contribute to slavery by exploiting child labor. To know what to avoid buying to not accidentally contribute to child labor and other forms of slavery by purchasing, End Slavery Now offers a free 31-page guide.

The BAFTA-award-winning documentary, 13th, by multiple-award-winning black director Ana DuVernay, explores prison labor as modern slavery. The title is a reference to the 13th Amendment, that nominally abolished slavery — word of which reaching the last enslaved people of African descent in Texas is what we are celebrating as Juneteenth — but which included a loophole that slavery was unlawful against any — except those convicted of crimes.

13th loophole

The above graphic is from a Netflix ad about 13th in the New York Times.

Netflix has made the whole film viewable for free by anyone on YouTube:

When we talk about institutionalized racism in policing, first and foremost that is omnipresent in the murders and brutality. It is also prevalent in charging and sentencing. Examining the pervasiveness of institutionalized racism in prison settings is part of examining institutionalized racism in policing. Reform vs. abolition is a conversation in both movements. Watching this documentary might help with that consideration.

Blessings and safety to all. — Remy for Boop Troop Eugene News Blog.

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