Research Tools II: Twitter-Based Research (Thread, Google Docs, Maps)

by remysaverem

research tools on police violence

This is an era of DIY.

This is an era in which we are — and must be — the media.

This is an era in which we are — and must be — the documentarians, the historians, the curators of information.

Increasingly, and of necessity, we are using Twitter as means of quickly conveying and sharing literally life-and-death information.

Tragically, a content alert applies.

Here are some resources for us.


This is a map that interweaves Twitter data on police violence with geolocation mapping.


This is the Twitter thread that started the various projects of compiling police violence videos into one archive.


This is the Google document that compiles in a linear, searchable fashion that data from (2).


This is the visualization map, which uses size of dots to indicate the number of cases in a region, based on the above data.

As always, BoopTroopEugene is here for any research you conduct.

We will be glad and honored to share what you find.

We love you.


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